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Tacking Point SLSC is currently seeking sponsors to be involved in the future growth of the Club. With the new renovations at the Clubhouse and the start of the 2018/19 season it is a perfect time for local businesses to form a partnership with Tacking Point SLSC.

There are a number of opportunities now available for businesses to assist the Cub in providing the vital community service of life saving at beautiful Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to align your business with the local branch of an iconic Aussie brand.

All while showing your support for this great community volunteer movement.

To find out more please contact Jennifer, Sponsorship Co-ordinator TPSLSC on 0421 108 748.

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Tacking Point Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated - Constitution August 2018

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Tacking Point Surf Club is one of two Life Saving Clubs in Port Macquarie and is one of the most recently formed in NSW, being formed in 1974. The need to patrol Lighthouse Beach arose because of its developing popularity with swimmers.

The late Alderman Norm Matesich played a major role in the foundation of the Club and his family are still very important members to this day. The Club was fortunate to gain experienced members who had moved from Port Macquarie SLSC and when it was first opened there were 30 members.

Tacking Point Lighthouse is a local landmark and overlooks the surf life saving club. Tacking Point headland was named by Matthew Flinders because it was at that point he had to change tack. The Lighthouse was built in 1879 with a 17 foot brick tower at a cost of £465 ($930). It was converted to automatic on the 31st October 1919.

Surf Life Saving in Australia

Australia's first official surf lifesaving club - the first in the world - was founded at Bondi Beach (or Bronte, as not everyone agrees with this), in Sydney, in 1906. There was little need for surf lifesaving clubs much before this time as it was illegal to swim in the surf during daylight hours before 1902. It was seen as immoral, and men and women could only 'bathe' in the early morning and late evening, and never at the same time! In September 1902 at Manly Beach, William Gocher openly defied the law and entered the water at midday. Despite being arrested, no charges were laid. From then on, the sport of 'surf bathing' quickly grew. As the sport became more popular, the dangers of the surf became apparent. It was then that groups of experienced surfers began to establish surf life saving clubs to help protect the less proficient swimmers from the dangers of the ocean.

It is a surprising fact that surf lifesaving clubs were formed before surfboard riding was introduced to Australia.

It was not until the summer of 1915 that Duke Kahanamoku landed in Sydney from Hawaii. At Freshwater Beach he rode a board made out of local timber and amazed the crowd with his display. He then took a woman out with him to ride tandem. She was Elizabeth Latham and she became Australia's first surfboard rider.

Sunday 6 February 1938 - 'Black Sunday', was a shocking reminder of the value of our surf life savers. A series of freak waves hit Bondi Beach and hundreds of people were swept out to sea. Many of the life savers had to be saved themselves, as desperate swimmers grabbed onto rescue lines and dragged them underwater. But thanks to the dedication and bravery of the surf lifesavers 300 people were eventually rescued. The New South Wales Surf Bathing Association was founded in 1907. The association was seen as vital for the growing number of surf lifesaving clubs to have a 'common voice' in their efforts to raise funds and obtain assistance from local councils and the state government. The name of the association was later changed to the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia, which came to represent surf clubs nationwide. In 1991 the association changed again to Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA), its present name. Since its formation SLSA has been helping to protect and save the lives of the nation's beach-goers, with over 440,000 people rescued. Today SLSA is Australia's largest volunteer water safety organisation. Australian surf lifesavers have rescued more than 500,000 people in the 80 years since records have been kept, with the number of rescues each season in recent years fluctuating between 8,000 and 10,000. An independent economic study conducted for Surf Life Saving Australia in 2005 concluded that if not for the presence of surf lifesavers, 485 people would drown each year and 313 would be permanently incapacitated as a result of accidents in the surf.

History of Nippers
In response to a declining membership lists and deteriorating club life in the mid and late 1960's many clubs launched recruitment campaigns aimed at a new category of member, pre-adolescents known as 'Nippers'. Clubs believed that Nippers would graduate into active members, and with more sporting experience, improve their competitive profiles. Youth sections actually have a long history in the movement - Cottesloe in Western Australia recruited sub-junior (juveniles) in the 1930's and a number of clubs followed suit in the 1950's but the Nipper program in the 1960's was far more extensive and actively encouraged by senior SLS officials.

These days' junior activities continue to grow at such a rate that some clubs have even had to cap their numbers to be able to cope. The focus of juniors has changed over the last decade from what was a more competitive focus to more of a balance between lifesaving and competition.

The SLS Uniform
Lifesavers wear the colours red and yellow, these colours were founded from the international code of naval signals in which a red and yellow divided square signaled 'man overboard' and is now an international life saving standard.

The Bronze Medallion
Since 1767, successful rescuers in Amsterdam were awarded with a medallion of bronze, silver or gold. The medal represents Charity leaning over a drowning victim and warding off Death as he wields his scythe.

Surf Life Saving in Australia

June 2017 Club Awards Evening

President's Report - Senior Presentation Night

Tacking Point SLSC Presentation Evening was held on Saturday, 17 June 2017.

The highlights were the major awards presented to the following members:

Junior Athlete: Finn Askew

Team of the Year: U/15 Cameron Relay Team (Ryan Horton, Finn Askew, Tom Osborne & Chris Broomby)

Female Masters Athlete: Raelene Myers

Male Masters Athlete: Peter Hennessey

President's Award: Craig Chichester

Patrol Person of the Year: Steve Wilkinson

Jason Northey Memorial Outstanding Cadet: Finn Askew

Club Person of the Year: Dave Moore

Recipients of award winners at Surf Life Saving Mid North Coast Awards Evening. The recipients were:

Coach of the Year: Richard Broomby

Young Athlete of the Year: Max Milligan

Both Richard and Max will go on to represent at the SLSNSW Awards of Excellence to be held on 5 August 2017.

2016-17 Surf Sports Award Winners

The Surf Sports Awards were also presented at the SLSMNC Awards of Excellence and Presentation evening.

Surf Sports Awards

U15: Finn Askew      Open: Max Milligan

U17: Max Milligan & Jessica O'Brien      Masters Athlete: Peter Hennessey

40+: Derek Hollins & Deb Bartlett      Young Athlete: Max Milligan

Outstanding Competetive Performance: Finn Askew

First Aid Champions

Open: Jess and Paul Rayner      Sandra Slattery and Craig Chichester

U17: Hannah Sexton and Esther Sexton


Point Score: 2nd on 321 points

Age Category Winners

U/10 Male: Campbell Page / Tyse Thrower

U/12 Male: Tahj Thrower

U/14 Male: Chris Broomby

Life Members


Warren White (Wazza)


Foundation Member of TPSLSC in 1974

Attained Bronze with Ken Corbett as Chief Instructor in Nov 74

Became Chief Instructor 75-76 and 76-77

First Surf Carnival Competitor to represent the new club in 74 -75 at the Port Macquarie Carnival

Member of first team (of two) to represent club at NSW Country Championships in 1975

Helped in organisation and competed in first Surf Carnival at Lighthouse Beach

Has held position on Club Executive as Chief instructor and Registrar Life Membership of TPSLC in 2000

MNC Branch Life Saver of the Year Award in 2005

District Supervisor in 2006

Surf Sports Scrutineer for MNC Branch from 2001

Currently involved as an Assessor for MNC Branch


Graham Bingham (Bingo)


Joined Tacking Point Surf Club at Christmas 1973

Was Club Captain in 1979 and 1980

Chief Instructor 77-78, 78-79, 80-81

President from 1981-1984, 1990-1992, 1999-2002

Life Member of TPSLSC in 1990

Life Member of Mid North Coast Branch of SLS in 2007


David L Patterson


Arrived in Port Macquarie from Griffith in 1975

Joined Tacking Point Surf Club in 1975

Gained his Bronze Medallion in 1975

Advanced Resuscitation Certificate in 1976

Gained his Instructors Certificate in 1978

Secretary in 1975 and 1976

Treasurer from 1977-2000

Made a Life Member of Tacking Point Surf Club in 1987

David was a Teacher at Port Macquarie High School and retired in 1996

He married his lovely wife Robyn in 1965 and has two children, Kylie and Lisa and is the proud Grandfather of seven grandchildren

Ken Corbett

Ken Corbett


Member of Coledale Surf Life Saving Club and gained Bronze Medallion in 1956 - 57 season

Member of Port Macquarie Surf Life Saving Club in very early 1970

Joined Tacking Point Surf Club in 1974 and was one of the original members

Robert Rosenbaum

Robert Rosenbaum


Profile coming soon

Graeme Nash

Graeme Nash


Joined 1985-86 Season

1992-1994 Tacking Point Juniors Vice President

1996-1999 Tacking Point Juniors President

Superintendent for the Mid North Coast Branch Juniors 1992-1995

President for the Mid North Coast Branch Juniors 1995-2000

Branch Team Manager-Juniors 1992-1995

A founding member of the building committee, which was responsible for the balcony extension and renovations to the club

Mick Lang

Mick Lang


Coming soon.


Committee Members for 2017/2018 Season

Mick Lang
[email protected]
Vice President:
Mitchell Dawson
[email protected]
Director of Administration:
Lynn Smith
[email protected]
Surf Sports:
Richard Broomby
[email protected]
Paul Rayner
[email protected]
Sarah Rayner
[email protected]
Junior Development
Richard Broomby
[email protected]
Life Saving:
Brent Wilkinson
[email protected]
IRB Captain:
Mitchell Dawson
[email protected]
Vice IRB Captain:
Richard Broomby
[email protected]
Boat Captain:
Kevin Owens
[email protected]
Radio Operations:
Registrar/Surfguard Operator:

Junior Activities Committee 2018/2019 SEASON

Elected Member
JAC Chairperson
Sandra Slattery
[email protected]
0417 439 034
Deputy Chairperson
Steve Manning
[email protected]
0410 455 076
Nicole Chilcott
[email protected]
0404 034 897
Louise Moore
[email protected]
0404 034 897
Renee Goldie
[email protected]
0416 047 596
Junior Education Coordinator
Water Superintendent
Scott Strahorn
[email protected]
0428 724 767
Beach Coordinator
Dave Moore
[email protected]
0428 633 220
Assistant Beach Coordinator
Todd Goldie
[email protected]
0416 047 596
Equipment Coordinator
Dave Moore
[email protected]
0400 267 429
Age Manager Coordinator
Anthony Hilkemeijer
[email protected]
0419 199 211
Social Committee Chairperson
Jacquie McAllister
[email protected]
0447 172 688
Social Committee
Lyndal Thrower
[email protected]
0437 865 329

Denise Moore
[email protected]
0417 140 776

Renee Goldie
[email protected]
0416 047 596

Lauren Witten
[email protected]
0403 193 955
Jacquie McAllister
[email protected]
0447 172 688

Steve Manning
[email protected]
0410 455 076
Uniform Co-Ordinator
Toni Rapley
[email protected]
0414 256 662
Assistant Uniform Co-Ordinator
Carnival Team Manager
Raelene Myers
[email protected]
0427 777 803
Sponsorship Co-ordinator
Jen McCullough
[email protected]
0421 108 748

Memberships / Registrations

New registration procedures for 2018/19 season!

Existing Members: Click here to view the new process for existing member renewals! You can also use our handy guide to help you out!

New Members: Click here to view the new process for existing member renewals!

Registration Dates:

9am to 11am - Sunday 16 September 2018
9am to 11am - Sunday 23 September 2018

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